Resume Writing for People Who Don’t Like to Brag

toot your hornI recently listened to a presentation at the NRWA conference by Wendy Gelberg, author of The Successful Introvert. Wendy talked about creating a resume when you don’t like to “toot your own horn” or position yourself as “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” All job seekers need to prove their value to hiring authorities. We all want to make a good first impression, but some are not comfortable with the concept of “selling” their candidacy. If you have struggled with articulating your value when trying to craft a resume, Wendy suggests asking yourself these questions.

1. How have things changed from the time you started your job until now?
2. When did you receive praise for something you did?
3. If no oneĀ  was there to do your job for a week what would happen in the organization?
4. What would your co-workers say about you?
5. Can you think of any days at work when you were especially proud of something?

By reframing how we look at our accomplishments, we can gain a greater comfort level with the concept of creating compelling stories of success for our resumes and in turn create more valuable content for the resume.

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